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1. Waking up in the morning will sometimes be the hardest thing you do all day. Wake up anyways

2. Just because someone is sad it does not mean it is your fault, people are people, we all have different emotions, comfort them, don’t blame yourself

3. It is okay to want to be held, to want to have a shoulder to cry on, no one should ever be alone

4. It’s your life, if you want to pack up and move to another country, do it, no one can stop you.

5. Come home when you’ve found yourself in the faraway places

6. Home is not always a house, or a place. Home is simply where you feel safe

7. Everyone has their own story to tell, do not judge a book by its cover

8. No one can save you, only you can save you. You will drag everyone you love down with you if you keep expecting a miracle, start with a smile, maybe a laugh, you can do it, you can save yourself

9. Don’t wake up at 5am just to see the cold hazy blue before sunrise, it will confuse you, it will make you think you’re not real. go back to sleep, wake up when the sun is on your face, smile, stretch, try

10. Never scream at yourself in the mirror, it won’t help, stare longer, look a little closer, find something on your skin you like, whether it’s a scar a vein or a freckle, the smallest things mean the most

11. Don’t rival yourself against the one you love, you will no longer be companions but enemies, it will not work, you will be heartbroken

12. If someone loves you they won’t care about your morning breath, they’ll kiss you goodmorning anyways

13. Never spend the night in a hospital if you can avoid it, you will not sleep, you will stare at empty walls until the sun comes up

14. Take pictures of everything that looks pleasing to you, because you might never see it again

15. Don’t lose hope, in anything, ever, things will be okay in the end, I promise

16. There is someone out there who is looking to meet someone just like you

17. You will be okay

17 things I’ve learned at 17// C.C (via latttte)

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